Adam Lambert


Adam is a Cleveland native that has been working in kitchens for over twenty years. Over the past decade he has been a head in the Cleveland food scene, holding down Chef positions in such restaurants as Bar Cento and the Black Pig. Adam is currently consulting chef at Banter located in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, and is partnering with Trevor Clatterbuck of Fresh Fork Market to open their first brick and mortar, Ohio City Provisions, a charcuterie and butcher shop coming this summer to Ohio City. Cooking responsibly, with food grown locally from friends and farmers has inspired Chef Lambert and Clatterbuck to work alongside side Wholesome Valley Farm, a 200+ acre polycuture farm in Holmes County.  It is at this farm that Chef Lambert will raise and source all of the products for his butcher shop. Currently they are raising a multitude of heirloom varietal pork such as Mangalista, Berkshire, Red Wattle, Tamworth, and Mulefoot to name a few. Grassfed beef, heritage turkey, and pastured chicken also roam the pastures. Just over 75 acres of produce are currently planted with more to come.